Self Styled Orders


The Sovereign Military Order of Malta wishes to point out the proliferation all over the world of bodies and associations which, using symbols and names not unlike those of the Order, are trying to represent themselves as legitimate and recognised orders of Saint John. Besides creating misunderstanding and confusion, they hurt the good will the Order has established over many years.

These organisations have no connection whatsoever with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta whose headquarters is located in Rome, at Via Condotti 68, and which maintains formal diplomatic relations with over 99 States and International Organisations. It is also recognised by the United Nations, and by the Holy See.

Caution is strongly recommended when considering proposals or appeals from organisations claiming to be the "Order of Malta" or the Order of Saint John.
Please have their authenticity confirmed by one of our Grand Priories, National Associations or Diplomatic Missions. For a complete list of the Order's entities, please visit the "Around the World" section of the Order of Malta Official Site.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Canadian Association

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