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Malteser International Americas continues work in Haiti



Malteser International Americas continues its on the ground work in Haiti, striving to provide lifesaving nutritional and medical assistance to the most vulnerable. Haiti’s children and expecting mothers desperately require aid due to deteriorating conditions and increased violence since January 2024.

MI Americas has been in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. Yolette Etienne, Partner and Program Coordinator of Malteser International in Port-au-Prince, says, “Our work is becoming increasingly challenging every day, but we at Malteser International are committed to staying on the ground and supporting the people.”

MI Americas is providing lifesaving assistance amid the current crisis, including nutritional supplements, medicines and medical assistance to malnourished children and expecting mothers.

Food security has long been one of Haiti’s main concerns. Lack of sustainable infrastructure, political turmoil, a deteriorating security situation, and a historic vulnerability to climate change and extreme weather events all work against sustainable progress in the country.

To address Haiti’s food security problem, MI Americas uses education and training campaigns to teach residents of Port-au-Prince’s Cite Soleil – the northern hemisphere’s most populous slum – about planting and harvesting effectively.  Working with local partner NGOs, and in close coordination with community leaders, pastors, and members, MI Americas is also building individual household gardens and larger community gardens. Building individual citizens’ capacity to feed themselves is key to creating resilient, stronger communities.

Because of its close relationship with the communities, MI Americas is one of the few actors able to effectively carry out its programs within Cite Soleil.

To donate to Malteser International Americas and receive a charitable receipt for Canadian income tax purposes, go to the Canadian Association’s donation page.

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