• 05/06/2024

    International Conference “Religious Freedom and Human Integral Development” takes place in the Magistral Villa

      The international conference on “Religious freedom and Integral Human Development”, organized by the Order’s Embassy to the Holy See, Atlantic Council, Notre Dame University, University of Sussex, John Cabot University and Pontifical Urban University, took place in the Magistral Villa, one of the government seats of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Some 60 academics […]

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  • 03/04/2024

    Malteser International Americas continues work in Haiti

      Malteser International Americas continues its on the ground work in Haiti, striving to provide lifesaving nutritional and medical assistance to the most vulnerable. Haiti’s children and expecting mothers desperately require aid due to deteriorating conditions and increased violence since January 2024. MI Americas has been in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. Yolette Etienne, Partner […]

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  • 02/04/2024

    Bolivia Education Foundation Helps Poverty Stricken Families

      The Bolivia Education Foundation continues its work to end poverty by creating opportunities for student success. In 2024 BEF is working at nine school sites. School leaders and teachers work closely with parents.  Both parents and students are required to sign a contract committing to the fundamental values of the education programme. Students are […]

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  • 18/03/2024

    The Grand Master on an official visit to Polish President Andrzej Duda

      The excellent diplomatic relations and the historic friendship between the Order of Malta and Poland were celebrated during the official visit which took place today in Warsaw, where the Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Fra’ John Dunlap, was received by the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda. “The […]

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  • 14/03/2024

    Krakow hosts 30th International Hospitaller Conference

      “Roll up our sleeves and serve with competence”. This will be the focus of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s 30th International Hospitallers Conference, scheduled from 15 to 17 March in Krakow, Poland. A place chosen to stress closeness to the war-battered Ukrainian population and to underline the enormous humanitarian effort made by all […]

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  • 27/02/2024

    IX Conference of the Americas of the Order of Malta opens in Panama

      The IX Conference of the Americas opens on 28 February in Panama, bringing together all the presidents of the National Associations and representatives of the Order of Malta’s diplomatic missions present on the two American subcontinents. Presided over by Fra’ John Dunlap, the first Grand Master of North American origin in the Order of […]

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  • 15/02/2024

    The Protection of Humanitarian Workers in Conflict Zones

      “Protecting the Protectors: Upholding the Safety of Humanitarian Workers in Conflict Zones” is the title and theme of the high-level side event organized by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta within the 60th Munich Security Conference (MSC), taking place tomorrow Friday, 16 February in the Königssaal. Heads of state, government officials and policy makers […]

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  • 12/02/2024

    Mass for the Prelate of the Order of Malta

      The Mass for the start of the ministry of Monsignor Luis Manuel Cuña Ramos, Conventual Chaplain Grand Cross, new Prelate of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta was celebrated on Saturday morning, February 10, in the Basilica of Saints Boniface and Alexis in Rome, marked by a great and warm participation, in spite of […]

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  • 26/01/2024

    Focus on AI and humanitarian diplomacy at Ambassadors Conference

      Artificial intelligence, humanitarian aid and diplomacy, interfaith dialogue and Vatican diplomacy. These are just some of the issues to be addressed during the second day of the Conference of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s Ambassadors, opening yesterday in the Magistral Villa on the Aventine Hill with the participation of various Italian and foreign […]

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  • 24/01/2024

    Conference of Ambassadors to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

      Some one hundred ambassadors of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta will converge on the Magistral Villa in Rome from tomorrow January 25 until Saturday 27 for a general Conference on the state of the art and prospects of the Order of Malta’s diplomacy. The ambassadors’ conference will also be an opportunity to examine, […]

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