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Bolivia Education Foundation Helps Poverty Stricken Families



The Bolivia Education Foundation continues its work to end poverty by creating opportunities for student success. In 2024 BEF is working at nine school sites. School leaders and teachers work closely with parents.  Both parents and students are required to sign a contract committing to the fundamental values of the education programme. Students are provided with school supplies, study books, sports uniforms, a nutritional breakfast and lunch, an after-school teacher, and supervised study space.

BEF was founded in 2019 by Willem Langelaan, Knight of Magistral Grace and member of the Canadian Association of the Order of Malta, building upon his work in Bolivia dating back to 2001.  The first of the Casas de Educación opened in 2021 in Colcaphirua.  This year that school has its first class of thirty grade twelve graduates. BEF has plans that by 2027 more than one thousand students will be enrolled in its Casas de Educación, and over 250 boys and girls will be graduating annually with a high school diploma.

For more information about BEF, go to their website.

To donate to the Bolivia Education Foundation and receive a charitable receipt for Canadian income tax purposes, go to the Canada Helps Bolivia Education Foundation donation page.

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