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The Grand Hospitaller in Prague invited by the Diplomatic Academy of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic, 01/01/2018 

“Humanitarian action, international relations and humanitarian diplomacy: the special contribution of the Sovereign Order of Malta”, was the title of the lecture given by Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-MontbelGrand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta, during the conference organised by the Diplomatic Academy of the Czech Republic on 25th January. The meeting, held in the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was opened by the Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Ivo Sramek.

In his address, the Grand Hospitaller retraced the Order of Malta’s thousand-year history from its origins to today, stressing its constant commitment to serving the most disadvantaged. A commitment that is also reflected in the Order’s diplomatic network, an instrument, explained Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, that facilitates “relations with the countries where the Order operates” in the health and social care sector.

During his visit to Prague the Grand Hospitaller had talks with the Czech Republic’s Minister of Health and with the Deputy Minister for Social Affairs. He also met the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Duka, as well as representatives of the Grand Priory of Bohemia and of Maltezka Pomoc, the Order of Malta’s Czech relief corps.

While in Prague the Grand Hospitaller also visited the “Centipede” project, a voluntary activity that involves various children in many schools.

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