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Fra’ Mathieu Dupont makes solemn vows



On Sunday, December 19, Fra’ Mathieu Dupont made his solemn vows as a Knight of Justice.  The ceremony took place at the Cathedral Basilica of Notre Dame, in Ottawa.  His Excellency Fra’ John T. Dunlap, Member of Sovereign Council, acted as Delegate for Fra’ Marco Luzzago, Lieutenant of the Grand Master.

Mass was presided by His Excellency Marcel Damphousse, Archbishop of Ottawa-Cornwall, assisted by His Excellency John A. Boissonneau, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto and Grand Cross Conventual Chaplain ad honorem, as well as other clergy.

The Knights of Justice (Professed Knights), together with the Professed Conventual Chaplains, are the essential core of the Order of Malta (Constitution, Article 9). After the novitiate, a Novice could be granted permission to make vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, for a duration of one year (temporary vows). He will have to renew them for a second and a third year (Code, Article 26) before being eligible for Solemn profession if the other conditions requested by the Code of the Order are met. The Solemn profession is binding the Professed Knight for life (perpetuity).

The first part of the rite of religious profession takes place after the Gospel.  It includes the recitation of the Liturgy of the Saints, the presentation to the candidate of the sword and the sword belt, the dubbing with the sword, and the presentation of the golden spurs and of the lighted candle.

The second part of the rite of religious profession takes place after the Communion.  It includes the profession of perpetual vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity, followed by the presentation of the habit and the stola.

Fra’ Mathieu was admitted to the Order of Malta as a Knight of Magistral Grace on June 23, 2003.  He made his first simple vows as a Knight of Justice on August 1, 2015. He renewed his simple vows for a three-year period on July 15, 2018.  He lives in Ottawa.


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