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Focus on Order of Malta’s main commitments at meeting with accredited diplomats



The war in Ukraine and humanitarian interventions, assistance after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Not to mention regular projects such as hospitals, mobile clinics and volunteer corps. These were some of the topics discussed this morning during the meeting between the over fifty Deputy Chiefs of Mission of the embassies accredited to the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Order’s representatives.

The Secretary General for Foreign Affairs of the Order of Malta, Amb. Stefano Ronca, opened the meeting in the Magistral Villa in Rome. He underlined the major institutional commitments of the Order of Malta’s humanitarian diplomacy involving current international issues, noting that the Order of Malta is ‘constantly engaged in making its voice heard with its multilateral missions to the United Nations and major international organizations. We are involved in poverty reduction, health care, humanitarian aid, emergency services, promotion of sustainable development, human trafficking, migration and refugees and interfaith dialogue’.

The Order of Malta’s Ambassador to the Holy See, Antonio Zanardi Landi, recalled the Order of Malta’s commitment to peace, dialogue and protection of religious minorities.

Finally, the Grand Hospitaller’s Chief of Cabinet, Ivo Graziani, provided recent data on the projects underway on all five continents, from running hospitals to nursing homes for the elderly, from the distribution of meals to the organization of pilgrimages with the sick.

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