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COVID-19 Message from the Canadian President

Ottawa, 02/04/2020 

Dear knights, dames & friends of the Order of Malta,

As we try to adjust to the new reality of self-isolation and ceaseless sanitization, I have consulted with our medical professionals and especially our Hospitaller, Dr. Bill Sullivan, regarding Canadian Association activities. Our main concern is for the health of members, volunteers and for the vulnerable populations we serve.  Dr. Sullivan has prepared information pertaining to the COVID-19 virus and recommended practices that need to become part of our daily rituals.

However, we must also not forget about the marginalized in our society and I encourage our healthy knights, dames & volunteers to find creative solutions to provide for the poor and the elderly.  Of course we need to be mindful of local civil instructions.

On a teleconference two nights ago, our confrere Christian Elia presented a way to continue Hunger Patrol without close personal contact.  This included working with our homeless shelter partners to distribute individually wrapped food, socks and underwear on our behalf.  This gesture will let those in need and most vulnerable to know that the Order continues to work to bring God’s love and care to them and others.

Please reach out by phone to the elderly neighbors, knights or dames to ensure they are not forgotten, are healthy, and have the food and supplies they need. Self-isolation and caring for our own health, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to live the Order’s charism.

For more information please take a look at the following attachment.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Canadian Association

Email: executivedirector@orderofmaltacanada.org, Telephone: (613) 731-8897