Strongest Hurricane Hits Mexico: Flood relief needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane ReliefDevastation has struck Mexico in the form of Hurricane Patricia. The record-breaking storm made landfall late last night, leaving disaster in its wake. Malteser International has coordinated with partners on the ground who are working with local churches, Bishops, and volunteers to provide emergency relief and supplies to the affected communities.

But your help today is still urgently needed! Please donate now to help us respond to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Patricia

Many have been left homeless by the strongest hurricane ever recorded and other victims are still in hard-to-reach areas. The Order of Malta in Mexico reports that flooding has triggered massive landslides which are wreaking havoc throughout these regions. “Recovery measures will start there as soon as we can safely access these areas,” says Hans van Luit, Vice-President of the Mexican Association of the Order of Malta.

With your help, we can send emergency aid to these remote areas and provide life-saving relief to the families affected by this catastrophic storm.

Please keep the people of Mexico in your prayers. We thank you for rushing to assist these vulnerable communities that depend on your generosity in their greatest hour of need.