Our current activities in Canada and Overseas
In the Montreal area our auxiliaries work in six homes for the aged that house almost a thousand patients and our brigades give assistance to pilgrims all year round at St. Joseph’ Oratory and Notre Dame du Cap. We have helped restore our chapel at the Cathedral in Montreal and in Quebec City we are involved in a project helping severely handicapped children. In Ottawa we are working on a day clinic project connected with the Shepherds of Good Hope, a shelter for the homeless and soon we hope to be involved in work with a home for the aged and a local Catholic high school.
In Toronto we contribute to the operational budget of St. Michael’s Hospital, “Out of the Cold” – a shelter for the homeless, and “St. Francis Table” a soup kitchen. We have also had a deep moral and material involvement in the creation of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto and are now working on the establishment of the International Association of Catholic Bioethics Institute. Our members in Toronto have established the Canadian Golden Cross Association, a group that visits and supports the handicapped, the elderly and the chronically ill and/ or their care givers. We are also in the process of establishing a project in one of the poorer parishes where we will help an aging immigrant population to obtain better access to social services In Vancouver our members have been running eye clinics for those who fall through the cracks of the social service system and who otherwise would not receive the necessary care. And in the Maritimes, we are getting involved in the establishment of a chair in Bioethics at St. Thomas University. Further a field we are doing work in a hospital established by one of our members in Bolivia and have contributed to a project in Honduras.. We continue the 900-year Hospitaller tradition of our Order in caring for the poor and the sick. The religious life of our members is enriched by these activities and they are encouraged to practice their faith in a spirit of generosity to those who most need our help