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The Order in Transition
Rome, 29 April 2017

Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto was this morning elected Lieutenant of the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta. The electing body, the Council Complete of State, met in the Magistral Villa in Rome, one of the Order of Malta’s two institutional seats.

The newly elected Lieutenant of the Grand Master will swear his Oath before the Pope’s Special Delegate to the Sovereign Order of Malta, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, and the members of the Council Complete of State Sunday morning in the Church of Santa Maria in Aventino.

Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto succeeds Fra’ Matthew Festing, 79th Grand Master, who resigned on 28 January 2017. Pope Francis has been informed by letter of the election result.

The Lieutenant of the Grand Master, Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, elected for a one-year mandate, affirms his commitment to work closely with the Order’s Sovereign Council in advancing the diplomatic, social and humanitarian activities and to nourish the spiritual life and the commitment of our 13,500 members as well as that of our more than 100,000 volunteers and employees.

Malteser International Americas and the Order of Malta Lead a Panel on the Global Refugee Crisis at the United Nations
Focus on helping refugee women find hope and stability with viable opportunities and solutions amid crisis

MIAMI – On International Women’s Day, Malteser International Americas, an affiliate of Malteser International, the humanitarian relief agency of the Order of Malta, today announced that it will lead a side-panel at the United Nations (UN) on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., centered on helping women to find hope and opportunity in the midst of the global refugee crisis. The panel entitled, “Women Caught in the Global Refugee Crisis: Finding Hope and Opportunity in Despair” will take place at the Ex-Press Bar at the UN (3rd Flr. NW corner of the General Assembly Building), and is scheduled during the UN 61st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Heading up the panel are: Ravi Tripptrap, Executive Director, Malteser International Americas; Ninette Kelley, Director of the New York Office, United Nations High Commission on Refugees; H.E. Mr. Odo Tevi, Ambassador of Vanuatu to the United Nations; James Wiley, COO, Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions; and Amal, a female refugee.

Strongest Hurricane Hits Mexico - October 23rd, 2015
Flood relief needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia

Devastation has struck Mexico in the form of Hurricane Patricia. The record-breaking storm made landfall late last night, leaving disaster in its wake. Malteser International has coordinated with partners on the ground who are working with local churches, Bishops, and volunteers to provide emergency relief and supplies to the affected communities. But your help today is still urgently needed! Please donate now to help us respond to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Patricia.


Libyan delegation in Rome to discuss immigration and mutual challenges
A meeting organised by British think tank ‘Forward Thinking’ and the Sovereign Order of Malta took place this morning in Rome, at the Magistral Villa of the Order of Malta. The meeting was held in the presence of two Libyan delegations respectively representing Tobruk and Tripoli. The meeting was centred around the challenges posed by the escalating migration influx and the fight against people smuggling on Libyan soil... more...

Malteser International Activity Report 2013: http://bit.ly/MKoHhn
This Activity Report gives you a short overview of the impact of our relief activities in 2013. You can read more about our work and our financials in the Annual Report 2013, which will be published later this year.
Video: 2013 – A year in review: http://bit.ly/MbcceT
A look back at some of our relief activities in 2013: Syria crisis, Typhoon Haiyan, grand opening of the Fujinosono children's home in Japan, emergency relief in Uganda, Mexico and Germany, and more.

SYRIA CRISIS: Mobile clinic for war injured on Syrian-Turkish border
Malteser International widens emergency medical relief

12 June 2013

Cologne. An in-patient mobile clinic for Syrians injured in war and refugees is being set up just 5 kilometers from the Syrian border in the Turkish city of Kilis. Malteser International, the Order of Malta’s humanitarian relief agency, is coordinating the project. The mobile clinic will be located near the grounds of Kilis’ public hospital, which is the first stop for many of the injured coming in from northern Syria.

“Because of the constant inflow of refugees, the health facilities in Kilis are operating at full capacity – they urgently need support with the medical care of the refugees. On the other side of the border, the situation is even more critical: the health infrastructure is totally overstretched,” says emergency relief coordinator Oliver Hochedez. “Those fleeing the country are exhausted and often sick from the long journey; many are injured because of warfare.”

The 24-bed mobile clinic will be made up of containers and will also count on a psychosocial support unit for traumatized patients. “Many refugees are suffering psychologically from the effects of the protracted civil war, which can lead to chronic post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosomatic illnesses,” Hochedez adds.


One year after the earthquake in Japan Fujinosono children and staff remember the victims
Cologne - March 5, 2012

In remembrance of the day a devastating earthquake hit Japan, the children and staff of the children’s home Fujinosono will eat only emergency food rations on 11 March. “In this way, the children and youth will commemorate the victims and, at the same time, express their gratitude for the help they received”, says Sister Caelina Mauer, director of the children’s home located in the city of Ichinoseki in north-eastern Japan, which was heavily damaged and made uninhabitable by the earthquake. The children will be served a lunch of instant soup, and dinner will consist of rice prepared with cold water and canned fish – the same meal eaten on the evening of 11 March 2011.
Malteser International, the Order of Malta’s relief service for humanitarian aid, is supporting the construction of a new home for Fujinosono with five million euros.  This sum includes donations from the international Caritas network as well as private and corporate donations worldwide. The old children’s home is currently being demolished, and the children have lived in a temporary container home since last Christmas. The new energy-efficient home will be built according to the latest earthquake resistance standards, will rely on renewable energies for a large part of its electricity supply, and will function as an evacuation centre for Ichinoseki residents in case of disaster.

The construction plans for the new building are currently still under negotiation. Despite a foreseen delay in the construction schedule due to a drastic increase in costs since the earthquake, the children should be able to move into their new home in 2013. 
In the morning of 11 March, a church service will be held to remember the dead and missing. In the afternoon, the 60 children and their caretakers will participate in a national minute of silence, scheduled for 2:46 p.m. local time. They will then light candles and proceed to the place where they sought shelter in the previous year: the home’s gymnasium. “This day is important as a reminder that we should never forget what happened”, Sister Caelina says. “But it is also a day that brings us together. In suffering, one is never alone”.

Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan:
Malteser International: Assistance via local communities and church structures


March 14, 2011 Cologne.    On the wake of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami which ravaged Japan on March 11, Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for worldwide humanitarian aid, is in close contact with its partners in the country – the Jesuits, the Franciscans and Tokyo’s Catholic University. Via local partners – like catholic parishes - Malteser International will provide support. “We would like to show our solidarity with the Japanese people,” says Malteser International Secretary General Ingo Radtke.  He assumes that neither additional staff nor relief goods will have to be sent from here to the crisis region. “We will provide second-phase assistance, for example in the early recovery phase and in the rehabilitation of affected communities”, Radtke points out.

Malteser International has provided €25,000 from its emergency relief fund for emergency aid in Japan, adding to the €50,000 already made available by Caritas International.

Help to Support the Relief Efforts in Japan - Please Donate
Reference: Disasters Japan

Rome, 26/01/2011
The international conference “Humanitarian Diplomacy and International Crisis Management” will open on Thursday 27 January in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Organized by the Order of Malta and the French Navy, speakers will include Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, Admiral Pierre-François Forissier, Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Msgr. Francesco Follo, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to UNESCO and the Latin Union, Louis Michel, member of the European Parliament, General Claudio Graziano, Head of the Executive Office of the Italian Minister of Defence, Former UNIFIL Commander in Lebanon and Jean-Pierre Mazery, Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta. more...
Haiti: Joined actions against further spread of cholera - Malteser International and THW combine their forces
By Petra Ipp-Zavazal 11/30/2010
Bonn/Cologne. Together, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) in Germany and Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for worldwide humanitarian aid, take action against the cholera in Haiti. The joined relief measures of both organisations are designed to improve the hygienic standards in the camps in Port-au-Prince and to prevent a further spread of the disease. According to official statements, more than 60,000 people have already been infected. The United Nations (UN) continue to caution against a further spread of cholera. more...
Fighting cholera in Haiti: Malteser International provides tents for cholera treatment and teaches preventive hygiene measures
By Petra Ipp-Zavazal 10/27/2010
Cologne/Léogâne. At three project locations in Haiti, Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for worldwide humanitarian aid, intensifies its efforts to prevent an outbreak of cholera. Malteser International will provide three tents for a hospital of “Doctors without Borders” to be set up for cholera treatment in Léogâne. Here, 300 cholera patients can be accommodated and treated in case of an epidemic spread. Up to now, no cholera cases have been reported in Léogâne district. “This is a measure of precaution to impede the spread of cholera. In case of an epidemic, we have to be able to quickly care for the infected”, Maren Paech, Malteser International Senior Desk Officer Haiti, explains. About 3,800 infected Haitians have been registered during the last days. The infection originated in the region of Artibonite in the north of Port-au-Prince. more...
Malteser International in Pakistan: Additional medical relief for Kohistan / Project volume amounts to 2 million euro
Swat/Islamabad. Malteser International, the worldwide relief service of the Order of Malta for humanitarian aid, is now expanding its help for Pakistan’s flood affected. Now also Kohistan, neighboring district to the Swat-Valley, is in focus of the relief work. “We will provide medical relief to the about 50,000 people that are living in this area,” says Dr. Jürgen Clemens, Malteser International Pakistan expert. In the last few days, Malteser International has already expanded its emergency relief and provided 2,800 families in the Swat-Valley with food, drinking water, non-food-items and hygiene kits. In reaction to the rising number of acute diarrhoea caused by contaminated water and the crowded accommodation of the flood victims, Malteser International teams were carrying out hygiene awareness campaigns in some villages in the Swat-Valley. They explained the dangers of dealing with contaminated water to the people and distributed more than 1,000 water treatment tablets, electrolyte preparations and hygiene kits including soap and towels. The Malteser International medical teams also provide medical treatment for the affected in regions that are still not accessible with off-road vehicles. “In doing so, it becomes increasingly clear to us that the extend of the destruction in the Swat-Valley cannot be estimated at this point, “ says Alexander Bühler, Malteser International staff in Pakistan. more...
Call for more disaster risk reduction in Pakistan
Malteser International expert: “Mobile phones can save lives”
Cologne/Islamabad. With a call for an enlargement of disaster risk reduction in Pakistan and with a further extension of their relief measures Malteser International, the worldwide relief service of the Order of Malta for humanitarian aid, reacts to the insufficient basic health care for the people after the flooding. “The floodwaters are receding, but Pakistan remains a highly endangered country”, Dr. Juergen Clemens, Malteser International Senior Desk Officer Pakistan, points out. The geographer is looking ahead: “Five years ago Pakistan was hit by a severe earthquake; in 2007, people suffered from the floods in South Pakistan; this year, we have the flooding all over the country: Pakistan is a country which is extremely threatened by natural phenomena”, Clemens explains. Therefore, Pakistan should become a good example for disaster risk reduction. ”We must do our utmost in order to prevent that a future disaster will cause misery for millions of people. We can only be grateful that the floods did not claim more human lives”, the expert resumes. more...
Malteser International: 19 August – World Humanitarian Day Flood relief in Pakistan shows challenges
To mark the World Humanitarian Day on 19 August, Malteser International points to the basic principles of humanitarian assistance: impartiality, independence and neutrality. The implementation of these principals is often a challenge - the current relief activities in Pakistan are a good example for that. “Important for the provision of assistance are independent and reliable partners in the country itself, international and local staff members and approved monitoring systems," says Sid Peruvemba, programme director of Malteser International, the worldwide relief service of the Order of Malta for humanitarian aid. more...
Malteser International in Pakistan: Additional medical relief for Kohistan / Project volume amounts to 2 million euro
Swat/Islamabad. Malteser International, the worldwide relief service of the Order of Malta for humanitarian aid, is now expanding its help for Pakistan’s flood affected. Now also Kohistan, neighboring district to the Swat-Valley, is in focus of the relief work. “We will provide medical relief to the about 50,000 people that are living in this area,” says Dr. Jürgen Clemens, Malteser International Pakistan expert. more...
Earthquake Haiti – Three months after the disaster:
“For many Haitians survival still is a matter of priority” - 6.4 million Euros raised for relief and rehabilitation
Port-au-Prince/Léogâne/Cologne. ”Even now, three months after the quake the daily survival still is a matter of priority for many Haitians,” explains Beate Maass, Haiti project coordinator of Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for worldwide humanitarian aid. “After a period of relative stability, the security situation – unfortunately - has again changed for the worse. Thefts and robberies are on the increase and there have been several kidnappings,” she tells. more...
Pakistan: Lack of funding threatens live-saving aid to 1.3 million people
Islamabad/Cologne. Nearly a year since more than three million people had to flee from the military operations in the northwest of Pakistan, Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for worldwide humanitarian aid, together with the “Pakistan Humanitarian Forum” points out that the crisis is far from over. more...
Video of The Order of Malta work in Haiti
Earthquake Haiti Press Release - January 19, 2010
Malteser International: “Only little hope for severely injured children” / Distribution of food and medicine at five places on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince
Port-au-Prince/Cologne. Prof. Dr. Klaus Runggaldier reports from the crisis region: „Yesterday we could successfully operate on a ten year old girl that had not been injured so much. For the seriously injured children, however, there is only little hope.” Since Sunday, the three Malteser International medical doctors have been working in the hospital “Francois de Sales” downtown in Port-au-Prince. According to Runggaldier, the situation is still difficult; nevertheless, it is increasingly possible to provide basic medical care. Thanks to the good networking of the native Haitian Malteser International colleagues the team now has at its disposal a jeep as well as local communications means. more...
Malteser International would like to update you on our response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti.
Please find enclosed the Malteser International Relief Activity Report No. 1 http://www.orderofmaltacanada.org/ReliefActivity.pdf informing about the emergency relief activities for the people in Haiti. Please use this Relief Activity Report for your own information and distribute it to the members of your association. Please feel also free to publish it on your association’s website. more...
Earthquake Haiti: First Malteser International team on its way - Further teams on stand-by
Port au Prince/Duesseldorf/Cologne. The medical team headed by Malteser International emergency relief coordinator Dr. Georg Nothelle has left Duesseldorf airport via New York for Haiti today – 14 January - at 12.10 am. The scheduled route via Paris was cancelled at short notice due to a strike of the local air controllers. Nothelle is accompanied by two emergency doctors and anaesthetists and the head of the emergency rescue services of Malteser Germany. In Haiti the team will be strengthened by two medical experts of Malteser France as well as by two members of the US-associations of the Order of Malta. In Santo Domingo the international team will be received by the Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Haiti and accompanied on its way to Port-au-Prince. Upon arrival in Haiti it will be the first taske of the team to collect information and coordinate its relief measures with the other relief organisations on the ground. And - of course - the team will immediately start to provide first aid and medical assistance. The mission of this first team is scheduled for one week; further teams are on stand-by. more...
January 13, 2010 Haiti: Malteser International responds to devastating earthquake Medical team will leave for emergency relief in the disaster region
Port au Prince/Cologne. – „Due to the soil erosion, our capital lacks a solid basement. The slums that were built on the hills were completely slipped off within the mudslides”, reports Eduard Aimé from Haiti. “Even the most solid buildings like the presidential palace, ministries or the cathedral were severely damaged”, Aimé continues. At present, Malteser International is preparing the deployment of a medical team consisting of medical doctors and further medical experts from Germany and France in order to support local Malteser teams on the ground. “The colleagues in Haiti know very well that basic medical care and the provision of clean drinking water are matters of top priority now”, Ingo Radtke, Secretary General of Malteser International, explains. more...
World AIDS Day on 1 December 2009: “HIV education on track
Malteser International reaches out to migrants on the trains of South India Cologne
Everyday at 8 a.m. we arrive at the railway station and plan how we reach as many people as possible in the trains”, reports Lakshmanan, HIV consultant of Malteser International’s local partner organisation “Centre of People´s Education” in South India where the organisation fights against the spread of the immune deficiency syndrome in the region of Tamil Nadu. Contact points for the HIV educators are train stations and trains that bring hundreds of day labourers – many of them illiterate - to the big cities. more...
Historical Papal Visit To The Order's Hospital In Rome
“I should like to take this opportunity of my visit to your hospital, run by the Italian Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, to consign my Encyclical Spe Salvi to the whole Roman community, and in particular to those who, like you, are in direct contact with suffering and sickness.” Thus Benedict XVI in a momentous visit to the Order's San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Rome. The Grand Master, Frà Andrew Bertie, in greeting His Holiness, affirmed that "The sick are at the heart of our mission." "Dear knights of the Order of Malta, dear doctors, nurses and volunteers who work in the Hospital," the Pontiff said, "you are called to provide an important service that calls for abnegation and a spirit of sacrifice. In each sick person may you know how to recognise and serve Christ Himself. Show Him, with your gestures and your words, the signs of His merciful love." In this regard Benedict XVI praised the contribution made by the Order of Malta to the mission of the Church to be near to the suffering and he recalled how, from its beginning in 1113, this lay religious order of the Catholic Church has dedicated itself "to the care of the sick, especially the poor and marginalized." Together with the Grand Master, the Sovereign Council and members of the Order, the patients, their families, staff and volunteers prayed at the Mass celebrated by His Holiness at the Hospital. Among the highlights was the Pontiff's visit to the Reawakening Unit, where patients are treated in the recovery phase known as 'vegetal state'. It is one of the very few in Italy offering this most difficult and touching care. more...
International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction
How mangrove forests can prevent flooding – Examples from Myanmar, India, and Pakistan
Cologne. „Every Euro we spend on disaster risk reduction does not only save lives but also helps us save five Euros which we would have to spend for emergency relief later on”, Ingo Radtke, Secretary General of Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for worldwide humanitarian aid, states on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on 13 October. With regard to the increasing frequency of natural catastrophes all around the world, Malteser International carries out more and more relief missions to assist people in acute need. Already during the phase of emergency relief, Malteser International strives to ensure that the affected population will be better prepared in case of a future disaster: “After the catastrophe the people need to be protected better than they were before”, Radtke emphasises. “It’s not enough to repair old structures.” The expert further states that disaster risk reduction is all about saving human lives and using financial means even more efficiently. “I am convinced that emergency relief and disaster risk reduction need to be combined more and more.” more...